The Martindale CM50 range of digital clamp meters offers a choice of high quality meters suitable for all applications. Competitively priced, the meters combine outstanding specification and measuring capabilities and reliability and ease of use.

The entry level CM54 is a low cost 1000AC meter with large jaws and both voltage and resistance ranges. It is the ideal basic clamp meter for AC current use and has all the functions of a standard multimeter. The Max control allows you to measure the maximum reading and the hold button can store and display any reading if you are working in an awkward place.

The CM56 is an autoranging clamp meter ideal for general purpose measurements including AC and DC voltage, resistance and frequency. Its large display combines a clear 3 ¾ digit readout with a responsive 34 segment bar graph which indicates fluctuating readings. It can also
accurately measure mains frequency.

The top of the range CM58 is true RMS clamp meter which measures both true RMS AC & DC current to 1000A. It has the same additional voltage, resistance and frequency ranges as the CM56 and also measures capacitance. CM58 also has a max and min reading memories and although the unit is autoranging, a manual range select is also available.