E3640 4kV Flash Tester
E3640 4kV Flash Tester
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Metrohm E3640 4kV Flash Tester

Metrohm E3640 4kV Flash Tester
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Metrohm E3640 4kV Flash Tester
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Martindale Part No: METE3640

The Metrohm E3640 is a 4kV AC flash tester, capable of operating from either a 115V or 230V supply, at 50 or 60Hz. The unit is manufactured in a robust housing making it fully transportable and ideal for industrial and workshop environments.

The Twin 3 1/2 digit LCD displays show both output voltage and leakage current. The unit is built into a hard carry case, making it robust and portable.

There are there modes of operation, where the fail lamp illuminates and a buzzer will sound:

  • Trip: will trip when a pre-determined current is exceeded
  • Breakdown: fast transients can trigger the trip
  • Burn: where the trip function is by-passed and the fault current flows continuously to expose the fault
  • The Metrohm E3640 flash tester is supplied with flash gun, earth lead, mains power lead and instruction manual.

    Power Requirement
    • 115 / 230V +/- 15%, 50/60Hz, 40VA


    • 230V: 5 x 20mm 0.25A, HBC, Type F
    • 115V: 5 x 20mm 0.5A, HBC, Type F

    Output Voltage Range

    • 0 - 2.2, 0 - 4.2kV 50 / 60Hz AC
    • Accuracy: +/- 2% of reading +/- 1 digit

    Leakage Current

    • 0 - 5mA (nominal), 50 / 60Hz in 10A steps
    • Accuracy: +/- 2% reading, +/- 1 digit

    Trip Level Range

    • 0 to 3mA 50 / 60Hz
    • Setting Accuracy: +/- 5% of full range

    Trip Response Leakage

    • Will trip for fault duration >5mS but not for <100S


    • Will trip for fast transients of 30S and above

    General Specifications

    • Complies with: EMC to BS EN 50081-1 & BS EN 50082-2
    • Safety & Flash Test: BS EN 61010-1
    • Dimensions: 330 x 263 x 144mm
    • Weight: 4kg approx
    • Supplied with flash gun, earth lead, mains power lead & instruction manual
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