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Martindale Insulation and Continuity testers

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Martindale Insulation and Continuity testers
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While a high-performance multifunction tester such as the ET4000 series is necessary to run all tests required by latest regulations, a very large part of 17th edition testing involves taking insulation and continuity measurements. Supplementing your multifunction with a dedicated insulation/continuity tester can speed up the certification process with minimal equipment cost.

Manufactured from durable ABS, the IN2100 Series insulation testers are designed to withstand the toughest on-site environments. They feature a large, clear, backlit LCD display for testing in poorly lit locations which provides both digital and analogue readings.

There is a large rotary switch and easily accessible test buttons which enable the user to select the required function, even when wearing gloves. All models feature an internal battery check facility, auto hold, continuity buzzer and auto null function.

Find out more about the Martindale IN2100 Series Insulation Testers in this new video:

As dedicated instruments, they are optimised for fast and simple insulation and continuity testing, with a large back lit display for both digital and analogue readings, a single rotary switch for function selection and a locking test button for continuous testing and ease of use.

Auto- hold of the last reading means you never miss a result and auto lead nulling for continuity means it’s quick to get started. The long battery lifetime and auto power off means no down time on site with flat batteries.

All Martindale IN2100 series are supplied in ‘test and go’ soft carry cases with no need to unpack and repack the tester each time you use it. There’s also a separate compartment for all leads and accessories including Martindale’s TL45 test leads and crocodile clips.

Current models:

  • Martindale IN2101 - compact, handheld insulation tester which performs fast and accurate testing at 500V with automatic discharge after test.
  • Martindale IN2102 - additional options for testing at 250V, 500V and 1000V and extended insulation resistance ranges up to 5Gohm.
  • This article was published on Friday 24 March, 2017.
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