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17th Edition Testing
New Martindale multifunction contractor kits at ED&I - For the same price as a standalone multi...more
Martindale Insulation and Continuity testers - While a high-performance multifunction t...more
HSE GS38 Fourth Edition - What you need to know to stay compliant - Health & Safety Executive GS38 guidance ...more
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Martindale certification pads ease the transition to
Amendment 3
- Now available from Martindale Electric i...more
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Multifunction Electrical Testers - Multifunction Electrical Testers


Non-trip Earth Loop Impedance Tester with PFC and PSC - The new E-Ze Test range from Martindale ...more
New Generation Insulation Testers from Martindale - The new generation of insulation testers...more

Cable Detection
A professional solution to cable testing! - We are pleased to announce the arrival o...more

Testing the tester - The Martindale CB12 checkbox is designed...more

Clamp Meters
Choosing the right Clamp Meter -